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Self-Treatment Massage Tool for Back Pain Relief 

Fast, Effective Targeted Relief

Designed to replicated the pressure of a massage therapist's hands, Comfiball provides direct, deep-tissue compression for fast relief of aches, pain and muscle fatigue. With the use of the elastic strap, Comfiball improves placement of the massage ball so you can pinpoint hard-to-reach areas. No more laying on the floor, trying to roll a loose massage ball into the exact problem area. Position the strap behind your back and then lean into a wall or other solid surface for immediate trigger point pressure where you need it most.  

Discreet Pain Relief, Anytime and Anywhere

Because you can use Comfiball without assistance you can relieve stress and pain at the office, in the locker room after a workout, or at home after jogging. Comfiball is lightweight and compact so it fits in a lunch bag, carry-on luggage or nightstand drawer. Use Comfiball while sitting, too, to ease foot pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis and heel spurs. Comfiball is idea for athletes, nurses, emergency personnel and others whose feet take a pounding during the course of their day. This revolutionary trigger point massage device promotes pain relief without the use of medications that hamper your alertness and dull productivity.  

Don't let minor aches and pain derail your active lifestyle. Add Comfiball to your cart today. 


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Comfiball 3in1 Product

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Back Pain Relief

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